ECIPE Lunch Seminar: Competitive Taxation in Europe - New Evidence for EU Tax Policymakers

ProvincieBrabant Flamand (VBR)

Each EU government takes a unique approach to taxation. Well-designed tax systems can create competitive advantages in some circumstances, while more distortionary systems can have negative impacts on individual and business decisions. Join us for a discussion of how Europe’s tax systems differ and the importance of evaluating the design of corporate tax regimes. The speakers will highlight recent research on taxation in Europe, the OECD discussion regarding the challenges of digitalisation for corporate tax policy-making and the ways corporate taxes can create an uneven playing field for businesses and citizens in the EU. Programme: Keynote speech:  Daniel Bunn, Director of Global Projects at the Washington-based Tax Foundation, will be presenting the 2019 International Tax Competitiveness Index which will be released on October 2nd.
You can view the 2018 version here. Panel discussion: Matthias Bauer, Senior Economist at ECIPE, will discuss whether unfairness should be maintained in corporate taxation. James Watson, Director of Economics at BusinessEurope, will present the recent EESC study “The Role of Taxes on Investment to Increase Jobs in the EU”. Jacob Lundberg, Chief Economist at Stockholm-based TIMBRO, will outline the implications of the OECD’s corporate tax reform ideas for small countries like Sweden. The panel discussion is moderated by Daniel Bunn. Sandwiches and drinks will be served from 12:15

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