Real Leadership: Leading With and Beyond Your Authority

ProvincieBrabant Flamand (VBR)

REBOOT YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF LEADERSHIP AND AUTHORITY AND LEARN HOW TO ENGAGE IN THE DANCE OF REAL LEADERSHIP IN A COMPLEX WORLD Today’s volatile and unpredictable world cannot be navigated by a single hero who promises to save us all. We need people to exercise leadership in every sphere of society, no matter what their roles are. Organizations, businesses, and communities require leadership that is ongoing, systemic, inclusive, and courageous. But if you’re going to lead change that is impactful and sustainable, you need to properly understand the resources at your disposal, while also identifying the constraints and limits of your authority. This knowledge is critical to help your community learn and make progress together. This Skills & Drills intensive is rooted in the Adaptive Leadership Framework developed at Harvard University.
It uses highly interactive teaching methods to offer an alternative and much-needed perspective on the challenge and opportunity of exercising real leadership in complex times. In this course, you’ll learn: To differentiate between leadership and authority To differentiate between formal and informal authority To frame the true leadership challenge facing your community To understand the cost of true change To lead from ‘above’, from ‘below,’ or from ‘the middle’ Wherever you are in your leadership development journey, this session will provide you with actionable ideas and insights to help you expand beyond the current scope of your influence and begin to exercise real leadership.

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