rhAmpSeq™: a novel, elegant targeted amplicon sequencing system [PC02-0319]

ProvincieBrabant Flamand (VBR)

rhAmpSeq™ – a novel, elegant targeted amplicon sequencingsystem leveraging the power of IDT’s proprietary rhPCR chemistry Targeted sequencing is one of the main methods expectedto drive the next generation sequencing (NGS) market dueto its cost-efficiency compared to whole genome sequencingand its utility in multiple end-markets, such as academic,clinical and applied research. Compared to hybridizationcapture enrichment, targeted amplicon sequencing has certainadvantages, including a simpler workflow and adaptability toautomation for high-throughput labs. IDT recently developed a novel amplicon sequencingtechnology, called the rhAmpSeq™ system, which leveragesa proprietary rhPCR chemistry (also known as rhAmp™ PCR).Using a unique, two-enzyme system and specially designed,blocked primers, the rhAmpSeq system enables high levelsof multiplexing of targeted assays in a single-tube, whilesignificantly reducing the risk of primer-dimer formation andnon-specific amplification events, which are both commonproblems with other amplicon-based sequencing methods.The result is an easy-to-use, elegant NGS library preparationsolution with a low number of components and straightforwardworkflow steps to prepare DNA for sequencing on Illuminaplatforms.
Our system has been successfully demonstratedin multiple research applications, from several thousand-plexmarker panels for genomic selection in agriculture research,to smaller panels for confirmation of CRISPR gene editingsites and for studying variants in human disease research. Ourgoal is to help make targeted sequencing tools even moreaccessible for researchers performing genetic analysis studies.

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