September Constellation Circle - Brussels: You vs. Your Judgment/Bias

ProvinceWaals-Brabant (WBR)

A constellation is a means for accessing the timeless map you hold within, linking the past to the present and the present to the future. It's a tool to find the origin of the problems we face today such as repeated patterns, blockages, relationship difficulties or health concerns, to name a few, and has the power to reveal hidden dynamics not visible to the normal eye. Then a healing exchange takes place and steps are taken to free you from the past and put you on a road to freedom, understanding and authenticity for your future.The theme of the opening exercise is "You vs. Your Judgment/Bias." We all have personal judgments and/or biases, but what do you see first? How do judgments or your own personal biases affect your relationships or decisions? Spots are limited to constellate, so please reserve beforehand.
*Remember that you can constellate on any topic; it doesn't have to relate to the topic for the opening exercise.Price to participate: 20 EurosPrice to constellate: 85 Euros*Payment must be made beforehand in order to confirm your spot in the Circle, as either a participant or to constellate.*Those constellating can invite a guest free of charge.Contact: Meghan +32 468 455 [email protected]

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