Smart Hackathon: Smart Buildings for Smart Cities

ProvincieBrabant Flamand (VBR)

What is a Hackathon? A Hackathon is an event where a group of volunteer developers gathers for the collaborative generation of ideas & prototyping over several days. It is a creative process frequently used in the field of digital innovation. The event often takes place on weekends to make it easier for employees or self-employed workers to be available. It can be organized by a school, a company, an administration, a specific sector, etc. There are no established rules governing this type of event. However, each time, the following essential points are included: Choice of projects by those who carry them out; Very short lead time; Group dynamics and the challenge of emulation or competition; The obligation to produce a working prototype. For more information, contact us: [email protected] What will really happen during this weekend? Friday evening: Presentation of the data and usable means, the guiding ideas or objectives sought ("pitch") by the project leaders; Vote of the participants (those who will develop) to select a number of projects proportional to the number of participants present, each selected project must have at least two or three developers/designers.
Sometimes trainers or special guests are made available or creative techniques are encouraged ("Fly on the wall", "Graffiti Wall", "Immersive" techniques...) ; Team building, and development (for about 48 hours). Sometimes observers/mediators can intervene, reminding us of the role of icebreakers, leaders and teamwork. Saturday and Sunday: Intensive team project development; Regular contact with coaches to question, help and guide groups in their project development. Sunday at the end of the day: Demonstration of prototypes of part or all of the project in front of a jury of specialists (and sometimes with the opinion of the other teams and an invited audience); Award ceremony. Why should I participate? Special theme: "Smart Buildings for Smart Cities" Stakeholders concerned by your issues, the possibility of networking with a direct impact on your activities; A possibility of supporting an innovative internal project to which you cannot devote time in a traditional way: multidisciplinary actors who can criticize your project, improve it.
After the weekend, you can come out with a prototype of your idea that can be used; Support after the event for the best ideas during the "follow-up day"; It is a unique experience to live, as much by the notion of teamwork, the intensity of the weekend as by the friendliness shared throughout the event. You can visit us on Tickets We have 3 types of tickets, the standard ticket without a hotel, or 2 options which include a hotel with a single or shared room. 279€ ticket: Including participation to the Hackathon and healthy food, drinks for all the weekend. You will have also a single room in a hotel close to the event for Friday and Saturday.  179€ ticket: Including participation to the Hackathon and healthy food, drinks for all the weekend. You will have also a bed in a shared room in a hotel close to the event for Friday and Saturday.  79€ ticket: Including participation to the Hackathon and healthy food, drinks for all the weekend.
No hotel included in the ticket price. Please order your tickets NOW. The ticket prices will be 20€ more expensive.

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