TCtM 11# Black holes, wormholes and extra dimensions: a scientist's pick on Interstellar

ProvincieBrabant Flamand (VBR)

Talk Cosmic to Me, the 11th edition.   → Subject: Black holes, wormholes and extra dimensions: a scientist's pick on Interstellar→ He will talk to you: Stephane Detournay (FNRS Researcher in Theoretical Physics at ULB and Organizer of Science&Cocktails Brussels)→ + Live Drawings with Aurore Vegas, illustrator ( find her on Instagram)  Language of the talk: EnglishFree Entrance Back in 2014, Interstellar appeared on our screens. That fact alone is a journey through time and space. Besides its age, the movie is one of the greatest scientists/filmmaker collaboration. This film led to scientific papers and allowed us to « see » for the first time what black holes look like. During those 169min, a lot of fascinating theories are brought to our attention: not only black holes but also the existence of wormholes and extra dimensions.
Throughout his talk, Stephane Detournay; who is an FNRS Researcher in Theoretical Physics at ULB and also Organizer of the great Science&Cocktails events in Brussel, will take the science from the fiction and help us to better understand what's around us. For this event, you might have a homework: on the next rainy evening, have cocoa and (re)watch Interstellar. But well... If you don’t, don’t worry because our guest won’t talk too much about the plot, but more about the fascinating objects of our universe.  After that, filled with spacy thoughts, our illustrator of the evening, Aurore Vegas, will invite you in her universe with her live drawings. Watch, have a chat with your neighbour or with Stephane and enjoy the rest of your evening with us. Bring your pal, park your spaceship and join us in the beautiful Le Cheval Marin for this nice and cosy cosmic evening.
 →  Schedule 19h30 – We start the engine20h00 – We explore the universe with Stephane Detournay20h30 – We land but the journey continues with questions and deep conversations about wormholes, what can you see when you fall into a black hole and how your 2014 year was… All that supported by a drawing session live projected with Aurore Vegas, to stay in the space vibe.→  Psst: Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter if you want to be aware of all the events (and receive great gifs):

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