Walking Waterloo: The Campaign on Foot

àWaterloo, Belgium
ProvinceWaals-Brabant (WBR)

Waterloo is a fascinating but complex battlefield and the key to understanding it is ‘reading’ the ground from a soldier’s perspective. Wellington’s eye for the lie of the land; his ability to draw his opponent onto ground of his own choosing; and then use it to gain observation, conceal his own troops, and to achieve surprise was key to his success. There will be a series of country walks rather than a route march. We cover no more than about 5 or 6 miles a day, with stops for lunch and beverages, - so nothing that any reasonably fit weekend walker couldn’t cope with easily. You will still get to visit the excellent visitor centres, but in addition this tour offers fresh air and a fresh perspective - and a chance to enjoy the peace and quiet of the rolling Belgian countryside in the convivial company of fellow walkers.

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