Fatma Zidan Group

AdresseGodthåbsvej 33
ProvinceHovedstaden (01)

Entré kr. 80,- kun salg af billetter i døren fra kl. 20.30 FATMA ZIDAN Danish World Award winner 2008 & 2010 After a very big success of “Golden age of Egyptian Music” in Denmark and Sweden and 2013 and "Golden age of Arabian Divas" 2016 a tribute to Arabian music Presented by Fatma Zidan Ensemble A concert series with a Danish-Egyptian cultural exchange of musicians with focus in the largest divas in the Middle East ; Oum Kulthum, Warda ,Fayroz, lajla Morad, Sabah , Nagat,Fayza Ahmed A presentation of the best music which was written in The Middle East in the middle of the last century . As an extension of the positive and dramatic developments which is happened the last 5 years in the Arabic region - we will present the Arabian cultural roots which has been a continuously inspiration to create the Middle East which appears today.
Music is still one of the important elements in the revolution we have seen until now in the Arabian region. A highly professional level with some of the best Egyptian musicians with the Egyptian Singer (living in Denmark), Fatma Zidan as Solist – together with international musicians from Denmark with some of the best instrumentalists from Cairo- Egypt. Repertoire will be from Oum Khaltoum and other singers from "The Golden Age" such as Warda , Fayruz, Laila Murad, Nagat , etc. Through the music from “The Golden age” we can improve our understanding - and make a better and more truthful picture of the culture from The Middle East.


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