FMTX - Future Manufacturing Technologies Conference & Expo

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THE NORDIC PLATFORM FOR MANUFACTURING INNOVATION​ Industry 4.0 is changing the future of manufacturing, but it is not only about the technology. How can you secure buy in from senior management that the digital transformation of your manufacturing process will give you a competitive edge? What new business models could be developed through the use of industry 4.0 technologies? FMTX 2020 will bring questions like these into the foreground to put you at the cutting edge of future developments. Embrace the future of manufacturing across 3 stages of cutting edge content: - 3D Printing Live- Industrial IoT & Data- Smart & Sustainable Factories We look forward to seeing you at FMTX 2020.
FMTX - Future Manufacturing Technologies Conference & Expo Copenhagen Torsdag 28 maj 2020 - Begivenhed Copenhagen -

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