Full-Time Fast Track To Your Next Job – Course

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Finding a job in Denmark is not easy – especially if you don’t speak Danish. Our 5-day, Fast Track to Employment Course is designed to give you an in-depth understanding and practical advice of what is needed to be employed in Denmark. Day 1 – Asset Identification – Identify your Core Values – Identify and learn what soft & hard skills are and discover your ‘Why’ and what values will help you distinguish what job and type of organisation will be a perfect fit. Day 2 –  Job Search Process – What is involved in the job search process, Including over the phone contact, job searching in Denmark – Danish Work Culture. Day 3 –  CV – What makes a good CV and how to make yours stand out, perfect your elevator pitch, presentation skills. Day 4 –  LinkedIn – Sell yourself using the recruiters own tools ‘ LinkedIn,’ learn how to network with new colleagues, refer, recommend and create an outstanding profile that will get you noticed by recruiters.
Day 5 – Cover Letter – unsolicited application, Interview Techniques and practice session. Our course offers: Native English speaking instructors – to help with understanding, spelling, nuance, and grammar Winning recipe to gain employment based on statistical evidence and operational experience in Denmark Brand new study facilities in the heart of Carlsberg Byen Free follow up services such as networking events offered to course participants WGC Alumni – be a part of something special Certificate stating 37.5 hours of Employment training (can be used for certain types of unemployment insurance and student learning)

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