How to fund and grow a tech startup

AdresseTitangade 11
tilSingularityU Denmark
ProvinceHovedstaden (01)

Free workshop: How to fund and grow a tech startup - with Dan Eisenhardt and Nicolaj Højer. One of the coolest Danish entrepreneurs - Dan Eisenhardt - who now lives in Vancouver, is in Copenhagen. He will share his experience from growing Recon Instruments from scratch until it was eventually sold to Intel in 2015. Nicolaj Højer - one of the earliest investors in Recon Instruments and author of the Startup Funding Book - will give advice on how to get your tech startup funded from business angels, public funds and Venture Capital. The event is free but limited amounts of seats. Sign up via Eventbrite:

All 100 tickets were sold-out very fast, but I managed to get a bigger room for the events, so an additional 50 tickets are now available at Eventbrite.
First come, first served. The event will be at Singularity U - and thanks a lot to the amazing company Cluedin ( for help organizing the event :-)
See you on Friday. Just sent out a reminder email to all 150 ticket holders via eventbrite. There was a small typo in the email. It said that we start at 6pm. It's of course at 4pm we start.

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