How to steer your Procurement career in a post-digital world

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The pace of change for Procurement is simply unprecedented, as companies are transforming faster than ever, compounded by the impact of Digital. Professionals today are facing a perfect storm when it comes to building and sustaining a fulfilling career and aligning to company strategy while growing professionally and personally. VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) is now the norm, and spinning your wheels means you are not progressing towards fulfilling goals. Success requires deliberately designing and implementing a program for long-term professional development and satisfaction. The STRATEGIZE / CRYSTALIZE / REALIZE program addresses precisely these issues and is now being offered as 1-day workshops in selected European locations. WHO IT’S ADDRESSED TO: Individuals who seek to: Learn how to leverage disruptions in the Procurement function and overall work landscape Evolve from a generic role to their own unique personal brand Take control of their professional destiny, building on their acquired assets and create compelling opportunities for themselves that support their aspirations Become indispensable to employer or clients by aligning with their strategic priorities and visibly contribute to them using their strengths and passion JOURNEY OVERVIEW The foundation of professional development is personal development and personal development starts with personal disruption.
This means breaking the path of a haphazard career path and building of your own professional plan and steering your way through a deliberate series of steps to strategize, crystalize and realise your unique program of career management and growth. The SCR approach builds around these 3 defining phases, broken down into 12 steps that guide you through the journey. Each step integrates two main concepts from the best thinkers in the field, through essential learnings and pragmatic exercises that allow you to seamlessly navigate through the journey. AGENDA

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