LinkedIn Strategy: A guide for CMOs and Marketing Managers

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There's no doubt that LinkedIn has finally come into its own as a great marketing platform for brands, personal brands and influencers. But how do you capitalize on this trend and create success for yourself and the brands you represent?  In this monthly instalment of Kubb&co seminars, we dive into how to create success on LinkedIn. We will cover: 1. Strategy - Getting going in the right directions 2. Content and tactical best practices 3. How to capitalize on LinkedIn video 4. Advertising tips and tricks 5. Tracking and analytics  6. A bonus secret hack to impress even the most doubting CEO This is an event is geared towards CMO's, Heads of Marketing, Digital Marketing Managers, Heads of Communications and those working closely with digital media and platforms for brands.  WARNING: Kubb&co seminars are a 50/50 mix of strategy and actual real-world tactics.
Our goal is to give you the tools and inspiration that you can use immediately after leaving our offices. If you're looking for untested, untried, fluffy strategies with no real-world application, we're sorry, we don't do that :(. Looking forward to seeing you there.  Seating is limited so register early.

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