Mandagsklubben feat ヒカシュー Hikasu and Master Oogway and more

AdresseSlagtehusgade 5e
ProvinceHovedstaden (01)

20 nov kl 20 ヒカシュー HIKASU Koichi Makigami (巻上 公一) – voice, bass, cornet, theremin Freeman Mita (三田 超人) – guitar, sampler Masami Sakaide (坂出 雅海) – bass, laptop computer Kazuto Shimizu (清水 一登) – piano, bass clarinet Masaharu Sato (佐藤 正治) – percussion, drums, effect voice The legendary Japanese rock-punk-jazz-experimental band, HIKASHU (found in 1978) is led by pseudo-kabuki vocalist and thereminist, Koichi Makigami, together with some the most prominent figures of the Tokyo experimental music scene. John Zorn discovered these guys back in the 80’s and brought them to fame on the New York Down Town scene. They’ll mix up and reinvent elements, phrases and gestures from modern musics in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.
HIKASHU has released more than 25 albums and toured the world extensively. They are unstoppable. kl 21 Master Oogway Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvoll - saxophone Håvard Nordberg Funderud - guitar Karl Erik Horndalsveen - double bass Martin Mellem - drums Master Oogway is a quartet based in Oslo, Norway. Their music is energetic and combines string melodies with rock n´roll riffs and more freely improvised parts. The four band members always try to challenge each other musically by going different directions in their improvised parts, which results in a fresh listening experience for the audience. kl 22 Lia Kohl & Marcela Lucatelli Lia Kohl - Cello Marcela Lucatelli - voice, performance and electronics Cellist and performance artist from Chicago Lia Kohl meets Brazilian CPH-based composer and vocal performer Marcela Lucatelli for a set imprinted with delicacy and wilderness in unknown proportions not to be announced.
kl 23 Jonatan Bak solo Jonatan Bak - bass Jonatan Bak is known for giving all he has both physically and mentally when trying to convey his deepest emotions. This night will be no different. The concert will be improvised on the spot and is going to be influenced a great deal by the bassist recent two month stay in New York City. kl 24 DEATH OF GODZILLA JR. Dario Trapani (IT/NL): electric guitar + electronics Gianluca Elia (IT/DK): tenor sax + electronics Asger Thomsen (DK/DK): electric bass Greta Eacott (UK): drums Dario Trapani is an influential guitar player from the north of Italy, a seminal figure in the development of a fresh aesthetic in Milano's jazz scene, now living in Amsterdam, where he brought his research further into noise and electronics.
He's visiting Copenhagen and meeting an old friend, Gianluca Elia, with whom he played in countless situations, shocked the mainstream conservatory in Amsterdam, had fun with Tim Berne in Domodossola, and much more. As a first encounter with the danish rising impro scene, we are delighted to present the electric side of Asger Thomsen + the unique percussionist Greta Eacott known for her g-bop orchestra

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