Open Banking Meetup with Tink

ProvinceHovedstaden (01)

Welcome to the open banking meetup of the spring. We’re inviting Tink to join us for a talk about the possibilities of open banking. Based on their experience working with customers like Klarna, Lunar Way and Mash, Tink will share insights on how banks and tech start ups alike can use financial data to transform their businesses - including a live case with one of their partners. This meet up is targeting to Fintech startups, developers, banks and any financial institutions who are interested in open banking. Program:  17.30 Drink reception and welcoming speech 18.00 Reaping the benefits of open banking: how to deliver customer value in a data-democratised world by Tomas Prochazka (VP of Product at Tink) 18.30 Use case  by Tink’s partner (TBC) 19.00 Mingling, food and drinks

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