Ordinary Generalassembly

AdresseSeebladsgade 1
ProvinceSyddanmark (03)

Hi everbody It's time for our first ordinary general assembly. This means, that everyone interested, are welcome to participate in event. Some of the board members are to be replaced, and we will discuss the future of the football club. The program is as follows: We have booked a field at 'fodbold fabrikken', where those who are interested will be able to play a bit of football and drink some beer. If you don't want to play but is still interested in watching and drinking, you are welcome too. Secondly, after playing football, we will go to beerbox, where we have booked the room next to the bar. Here we will eat pizza, which will be ordered to be there at the time we arive. You can buy drinks and beer in the bar, and we will take care of some snacks for the next part, the assembly.
The details of the assembly are being put together at the moment, but don't you worry about that. Just show up and have some fun. An assembly is not a boring thing. Lastly, if any of you can not come and play at fodbold fabrikken of some reason, just come and eat dinner, and be a part of the assembly. But please write it to one from the board. And just one last thing. We expect you to pay for you own food and drinks. The price is not set, because depending on the amount of participants, the price may vary. But we have set the price for the whole thing to 60 kr each so far. We will see you there.

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