PreSeed Academy - ToolTalk#1 - Marketing Automation

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We dedicate the first PreSeed Academy event of 2019 to Marketing Automation. We take a closer look at the processes and software behind automating marketing actions – from lead generation via e-mail, social media to customer onboarding. To do this we introduce a whole new type of talks at PreSeed Academy called ToolTalks. The goal is to get nerdy and dirty – in other words it’s talks where we strive to be very hands on and practice oriented within a specific topic.  We kick off with Marketing Automation, which is probably one of the most hyped areas within the startup world. For good reason since it offers the opportunity to dramatically improve your marketing effectiveness. But how do you do it in real life? How can you, as a startup with limited resources, exploit the possibilities of Marketing Automation?   We will try to answer this question, by sharing expertise and advice on the topic from both an expert and a startup that are very experienced within the field.
Hopefully we can help you build a blueprint for marketing automation in your startup. The speakers will be announced shortly.   EVENT AGENDA: 17.00-17.15: Welcome 17.15-17.40: Nicolaj Højer Nielsen - introduction to the field of marketing automation 17.40-18.30: Marketing Automation consultant – how to improve your sales- and marketing effectiveness via Marketing Automation 18.30-18.45: Break - snacks and drinks 18.45-19.30: CMO from successful startup – how we are using Marketing Automation, examples of use cases and tools used 19.30-20.00: Join us for a final beer The event is free to attend. Due to the limited number of seats we're enforcing a no-show fee: If you have signed up but do not show up, we will invoice you 200 kr. The startup school PreSeed Academy is pioneered by PreSeed Ventures in collaboration with Nicolaj Højer Nielsen and has developed from a strong desire to make early stage startups succeed.
We have at least 10 startup events planned for you in 2019, an ambitious mix of talks, masterclasses and walk-in sessions, so make sure to stay tuned at Facebook, LinkedIn, or sign up for our newsletter at By signing up for PreSeed Academy events, you accept PreSeed Ventures A/S to collect and process your email for relevant updates and information about future events

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