Treacherous Tuesday

AdresseRådhusstræde 13
tilBastard Café - kaffe, øl og masser af brætspil
ProvinceHovedstaden (01)

Things are getting treacherous at the Bastard Café. Is your neighbour secretly a werewolf? Is that guy across from you secretly a spy? And who sabotaged your last mission? Someone is hiding something. The first and penultimate Tuesdays of every month are "Treacherous Tuesday". Come by the café for some games of hidden identities, bluffing and social deduction. We will usually start out with a game of Werewolf, before possibly branching out to similar games, like The Resistance, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Spyfall or Two Rooms and a Boom. We start at seven o’clock, and continue until we stop. There will be one or two game gurus to get things going, but we encourage people to moderate, and to bring games that they would like to play. Sign up is not required, but we like people who do it anyway, as it gives us a better chance to plan.
Be aware that almost all of the games are pay-to-play, so non-members will have to pay a small fee at the bar to participate.

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