Fancy Beer & Board Games at O Malleys

OsoiteYrjönkatu 26
kohteeseenO'Malley's Torni
MaakuntaUusimaa (18)

We started games night last Thursday at O Malleys Torni. The Magnetic game Klask was the hit for the evening brought by Jussi. He is such a fan he donated one unit for our club. Welcome to bring your games to share, ofc just for one night is more normal. We have reserved the cozy snug at the bar for us. If you cant find us, ask at the bar. Welcome to bring your international (intl) games and friends for this evening of fun in the very central Torni location. Just 2 mins up from Stockmann. Lets play soon. Paul & Jussi
Fancy Beer & Board Games at O Malleys Helsinki O'Malley's Torni 28 joulukuu - 21 kesäkuu - Tapahtuma Helsinki -

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