Feminist Comedy Academy vol.4

MaakuntaUusimaa (18)

Thinking of trying the mic yourself? This is the place to do it. Feminist Comedy Academy is a stand-up comedy course for beginners led by super-suosittu James Lórien MacDonald. You'll learn how to write and develop your first set, how to get gigs, and at the end of the course you'll do a 5-minute set at a public comedy club in Loukko.  Jamie's aim is to provide a failure-friendly, supportive environment with intersectional feminist values. (Your comedy doesn't have to focus on feminism or intersectionality, nor is this a space where you cannot talk about differences, dark humour, or difficult topics; rather, it's a space where we aim to be conscious of the way humour can be used as a tool for oppression as well as freedom.) The course is open to anyone who wants to give it a go.
Jamie will teach in English - but you can do your stand-up in Finnish, of course. DATES:20.8. klo 19-2221.8. klo 19-2226.8. klo 19-2229.8. klo 19-2230.8. SHOWTIME 19 Pay-What-You-Want options: A couple of spots will be available for people on a pay-what-you-want basis. Please contact Jamie for details or with any other questions by FB, Twitter, or below. Loukko is an accessible venue with gender-neutral toilets. 

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