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Join us for a 30 minute talk on how to recession proof your career.  We will be discussing how to best prepare your career for the upcoming economic slow down. We will show you how to:  Evaluate the stability of your current employer and decide whether is best to make a move. How to create intangible value inside your organization to lessen the chances of being caught in a workforce reduction. What to do in the event if you do lose your job. Which career paths that will disappear with this next recession. And much more. Date: Thursday, September 26, 2019Location: Live Virtual Event (Virtual Event Details will be provided upon RSVP)Cost: FreeRSVP: Seats limited. Register via Eventbrite ---> *This is not an on demand event.  You must attend the live online presentation.

How to Recession Proof Your Career - Espoo Espoo Torstai 26 syyskuu 2019 - Tapahtuma Espoo -

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