Info Session - The Shortcut’s Catalyst Program Python Edition

MaakuntaUusimaa (18)

From personal branding to coding. The Catalyst Program is designed to strengthen the participants’ skills and develop new ones that will help them kick start their careers in startups. Our program has a hands-on approach where participants will put their new digital skills in action through projects and workshops. This evening is yours and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding the program, requirments and any other question, you might have . In the info session you will have the possability to ask questions regarding the program  ABOUT THE PROGRAM  Participants will get an opportunity to: Navigate through the startup ecosystem Develop your personal brand and visibility within the Finnish job market  Join our peer learning clubs Attend our Python training  Access our great community of startup doers and founders Apply for jobs/internships in startups and scaleups in our ecosystem MORE / APPLY HERE: PROGRAM: 1.Immersion 7 out of 10 jobs in Finland are not publicly advertised.
Thus, in our immersion week, we will focus on personal branding, networking and getting to know the startup ecosystem. This includes, self-assessment, skills mapping & storytelling. Furthermore, you will be introduced to pitching techniques, creative Job search and how to display yourself in the world wide web. Working in startups might be different. Get the startup mindset: we introduce you to the startup ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to explore various startup hubs and communities across the Helsinki region such as Kiuas, Design Factory, A-Grid, Helsinki Think Company, Maria01. Thus, be a part of multiple networking and industry-specific learning opportunities. 2. Training   The purpose of the training is to equip people who have a background in international business, finance, marketing, statistics and so on with Python skills to use and work more efficient with large datasetThe program will cover: Python fundamentals Python libraries for data analysis such as Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib Cleaning, manipulating, selecting data Visualizing data (e.g showing charts and graphs) Practicing writing reports in Jutyper Notebook Getting to know SQL 3.
Projects / Internships Acquiring skills is nice but to show them is even better. At The Shortcut, we believe that the best way to showcase what you are capable of is by impressing your future employer with your own work. This is why we create networking opportunities and connections into the startup ecosystem. Create your own portfolio and convince with your attitude and your achievements. An internship is the natural next step to a career in a start-up. You will get to use your newly acquired networking skills to find startups you are interested in and pitch yourself to them. Scary? The Shortcut will support you all the way and share its knowledge as well as present networking opportunities and introduce to people we know. REQUIREMENTS  Motivation and commitment until the end  Background / understanding in Statistics and programming languages are considered as a big plus Non-Finnish citizens, registered with the TE-office as unemployed jobseekers and who have valid residence permit Those who are fluent in spoken and written English  People confident using basic office technology

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