Management Of Risk (M_o_R) Practitioner 2 Days Virtual Live Training in Helsinki

MaakuntaUusimaa (18)

Course Description: The M_o_R Practitioner Course has been designed to provide learners with the opportunity to practice the practical application of the M_o_R method and covers the twelve M_o_R principles; Approach, Process and the basic techniques essential to managing risks using the M_o_R guidance. The purpose of the M_o_R Practitioner qualification is to confirm that the learner has achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor M_o_R in a scenario situation. Course Topics: Introduction ●      Introduction to the course ●      What is a risk? ●      What is a risk management? ●      Why is risk management so important? ●      Basic risk definitions ●      The development of knowledge about risk management ●      Corporate governance & internal control ●      Where and when should risk management be applied? M_o_R principles: ●      The purpose of M_o_R principles ●      Aligns with objectives ●      Fits the context ●      Engages stakeholders ●      Provides clear guidance ●      Informs decision-making ●      Facilitates continual improvement ●      Creates a supportive culture ●      Achieves measurable value ●      Risk management maturity models M_o_R approach: ●      Relationship between the documents ●      Risk management policy ●      Risk management process guide ●      Risk management strategy ●      Risk register ●      Issue register ●      Risk response plan ●      Risk improvement plan ●      Risk communications plan M_o_R process: ●      Common process barriers ●      Identify – contexts ●      Identify – the risks ●      Assess – estimate ●      Assess – evaluate ●      Plan ●      Implement ●      Communication throughout the process M_o_R perspectives: ●      Strategic perspective ●      Programme perspective ●      Project perspective ●      Operational perspective Risk specialisms: ●      Business continuity management ●      Incident and crisis management ●      Health and Safety management ●      Financial risk management ●      Environmental risk management ●      Reputational risk management ●      Contract risk management M_o_R Practitioner Exam: ●      (3 hours + time for administrative procedures) Learning Goals: ●      M_o_R framework (principles, approach based on risk documentation, process steps and embedding and reviewing) ●      M_o_R principles ●      Outline of M_o_R approach documents (including policy, process guide and risk communications plan) ●      Risk identification, assessment and control ●      Embedding and reviewing M_o_R ●      M_o_R organizational perspectives (strategic, program, project, operational) ●      M_o_R roles and responsibilities ●      M_o_R health check ●      M_o_R maturity model ●      Risk specialisms (including business continuity management) Course Agenda: Day 1 ●      Introduction ●      M_o_R principles: ●      M_o_R approach: ●      M_o_R process Day 2 ●      M_o_R perspectives ●      Risk specialisms ●      M_o_R Practitioner Exam Who can Attend? The M_o_R Practitioner Course will be of benefit to all levels of management including:   ●      Corporate Managers – responsible for corporate governance and the organization’s overall exposure to risk.
●      Program Managers – responsible for risk relating to specific programs. ●      Project Managers – responsible for managing risk in projects. ●      Operational Managers – responsible for risks that affect the on-going continuity of business services. ●      All other personnel who have an interest or responsibility for the Management of Risk within their organization.

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