My Startup Debut - The Ecosystem Talks

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My Startup Debut brings to you a series of inspirational talks to get you started into the startup entrepreneurial mindset. This event is for anyone open to learn more about the startup ecosystem in Helsinki. In this occasion we have "The Ecosystem Talks", so come and hear it from the doers and makers and about their journey. Look who's talking. Our guest speakers are: Oskari Tempakka - CEO Wave Ventures Olga Balakina - Global Operations Industryhack and former Global Operations for Slush Egzon Delija - Co-founder at HELtech The event is divided into 3 different talks followed by a series of Q&A with the speakers. It takes place at The Shortcut Lab on Tuesday, March 5 starting 17.00
My Startup Debut - The Ecosystem Talks Helsinki Tiistai 5 maaliskuu 2019 - Tapahtuma Helsinki -

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