Pocket Jam #4

MaakuntaUusimaa (18)

Note: Some changes in the schedule or in other details might apply. Pocket Jam is back. In collaboration with Pocket Gamer, Finnish Game Jam ry brings jamming to the mobile game conference Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2019. The Pocket Jam is run now for the fourth time at the heart of the conference. We expect to see a lot of bite sized mobile games - but you can always choose your own platform and technology.The participants will receive full access to the conference program, expo and networking events plus all the other benefits that come with the conference ticket and a seat to jam.In addition the participants who finish and upload their game according to the deadline will have a chance to win a ticket to the Pocket Gamer Connects London and a chance to present their game there.
All uploading teams will be also automatically considered as candidates of the Finnish Game Jam Awards 2019. We might have additional surprises for the jammers...You can come alone or with your team (make sure all are registered), but keep your team open for new participants. Previously, there have been free bus rides organised from different cities (previously from Jyväskylä, Kotka, Tampere and Turku). Keep an eye on IGDA and Pocket Game Connects Helsinki pages to keep up to date on the situation. Possible bus ride requires separate registration.If you have any further questions on Pocket Jam, please contact the main organizer: [email protected]

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