StepOut to Bhangra Weekly Workouts

MaakuntaUusimaa (18)

Looking for a FUN and ENERGETIC way of burning some calories? You don’t wanna miss this.  Bhangra is one of the most energetic folk dance forms originating from Punjab (India). With the years the dance form has evolved and has many variations, which are not strictly folk such as bhangra hip-hop or bhangra workouts. Our instructor, Tannu, is ”Finland’s Bhangra ambassador for the World Bhangra Council” & the most talented bhangra instructor here will be carrying out weekly workshops starting October. If you wanna learn more about the dance form, hurry and enroll for the session. If you already know Bhangra, do you even need a reason to enroll?? Get your tickets and Let’s Bhangra.
StepOut to Bhangra Weekly Workouts Vantaa Sunnuntai 10 marraskuu 2019 - Tapahtuma Vantaa -

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