#TrinityHackers holistic health & wellbeing community event November 2019

MaakuntaUusimaa (18)

Hello #TrinityHackers. Welcome to the November holistic health & wellbeing community event. We have some exiting speaker this month that will share fascinating insights with our community. Tuvshin Chimed will talk about the ‘Power of the human mind’. The human mind is one of the most sophisticated software mechanism exists in the World. Understanding the structure and functions of the mind will open great door to human power. Tuvshin is MD and holds a Master and PhD in Public Health. She worked on International/Global health with chronic diseases (cancer, cardiovascular duseases, diabetes, hypertension) on an international scale. She is a Consultant in Health and Lifestyle Diseases and a Holistic Life Coach. Andy Schuelein presents Hacking Reality - Ego-Death & The Archaic Tools of the Modern-Day Shaman.
Ancient shamans have practised ego death all throughout antiquity. What were the techniques did they use? What is the ego and why does it need to die? Andy is an American book author, filmmaker, public speaker and entrepreneur. One of his passions is the subject of Shamanism and its effect on world religions. We will have a 3rd session that will be announced soon. Moreover we got the feedback that the participants enjoy it when there is time to ask questions, discuss and interact with the speakers. Therefore will have some more time for conversation and interaction. We will open doors @17:15 to have some time to mingle. The #TrinityTalks will start @17:30. The event will end at 20:00.  Last not least, as we really had a great time at the after event dinner last time I suggest we will do that again.

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