15 Juni Workshops Sri Vijay Gopala

AdresDiezerstraat 3A
naarYoga Gita Zwolle
ProvincieOverijssel (OV)

Vrijdag 15 juni workshops met Sri Vijay Gopala 19.00-20.15 Yoga posture (yoga houdingen) 20.30-21.45 Meditation Yoga posture – ‘Yoga as it is’ – The subject Yoga is formed by the contribution of thousands of great personalities, called Sages. Practice of Yoga is all about how you are making the journey from limited ego center expression to conscious existential expression to feel the oneness of your presence with the whole existence. So to be a yogi, it is very important to break the ego patterns, imprints and conditionings. Practice of posture is all about how efficiently you are not feeling the posture (indicating effortlessness in execution of posture, independent- ly from any kind of support from outside). Like this yogic science reaches to your deeper existen- tial facts to reorganise your Self.
It happens beyond any style as your Self has no style... Any style is again a conditional approach, whereas Yoga practice is to express the unconditional true Self. Meditation – Practice of meditation is all about to what extent you are able to expand your awareness to feel the oneness (non-dual state) of the creation in between the sense perceived differences. You are surrounded by the ‘becoming’ process, which is narrowing your life expression by giving no space for your real Self expression. By bringing out this real Self you are tapping into the immense potentiality of the life. Leden 1 ws 12 Euro ; 2 workshops 22 Euro Niet leden 1 workshop 15 Euro ; 2 WS 25 Euro Er zijn beperkte plaatsen, dus geef je gauw op via [email protected]

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