Agile For Product Owner 2 Days Training in Eindhoven

ProvincieNoord-Brabant (NB)

Course Description : When an organization makes the decision to adopt agile, it takes much more than pulling together a development team and allowing them to work in an iterative manner. Agile is a true shift in how individuals collaborate, communicate and operate. Agile requires an all in mindset from both business and technology where all individuals work together to deliver business value in the form of working software. The Agile for Product Owners course will provide the knowledge to understand and apply the principles of agile. At the end of the course, participants will be able to effectively plan, prioritize and manage a product roadmap to deliver business value, understand the role of the Product Owner and the development team within an iterative process, and gain the skills necessary to become an agile leader to drive your organization to the next level.
Course Outline : Section I: Agile Overview What is Agile? Why Agile? Agile Manifesto and Principles Agile Methodologies Sprint Overview Section II. Product Owner Overview Role of the Product Owner Responsibilities of the PO Characteristics needed to be a supportive PO Section III. The Agile Team Roles of an Agile Team Characteristics of a strong Agile Team Supporting an Agile Team Section IV. Agile Planning 5 Levels of Planning Vision Development Product Road Mapping Feature Prioritization Release Planning Section V: Building and Managing the Backlog User Personas Epics Writing User Stories Sizing User Stories Section VI: Sprint Planning and Execution Sprint Planning Execution Backlog Refinement Demo Retrospective Section VII: Agile Leadership What is Agile Leadership Servant Leadership Attributes of Agile Leaders Target Audience : Product Owners Product Managers Team Leadership Project Managers Learning Objectives : Understand Agile Practices and Principles Learn the role, responsibilities, and characteristics needed to become an effective Product Owner Explore the roles and characteristics of a strong agile team and learn what a Product Owner needs to do to support an agile team Dispel the myth that mid and long term planning are abandoned with Agile Develop user personas and write user stories to build out and manage a product backlog Discuss and understand typical ceremonies conducted within a sprint in an agile development process Explore what it means to be an agile leader and the importance of servant leadership Course Agenda : Day 1 Agile Overview Product Owner Overview The Agile Team Agile Planning Building and Managing the Backlog Day 2 Sprint Planning and Execution Agile Leadership

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