Amsterdam Kubernetes Meetup

ProvincieUtrecht (UT)

Nuaware and Platform9's Kubernetes meetup is designed by our container and cloud experts. In this event, we cover k8s from a Cloud SRE/Admin, Development, Architecture and Operations standpointWe provide a packed meetup of enriching hands-on steps that cover-Container Concepts and Architecture-Single pane of glass for your k8s clusters across public and private clouds- Concerns such as installation and operation of a K8s cluster on any underlying infrastructure- Concerns such as monitoring, upgrades, etc-DevOps pipeline design and best practices-Application runtime deployments using managed applicationsKubernetes design patternsAGENDA AGENDA 5:30 pm – Registration Beer and Pizza  Latest Kubernetes Trends and Use Cases  Operational Aspects of Kubernetes  Kubernetes Design Patterns  How to operate Kubernetes CI/CD pipelines at scale Demonstration - Building & Running an Enterprise Container Platform in a Hybrid Cloud   8:00pm - Q&A and Close Register Here for Kubernetes Day Amsterdam LOOKING  FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL THERE.

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