Bandpit! ONKT & Man As Plague + Tin Man Syndrome

AdresZomerstraat 41
ProvincieZuid-Holland (ZH)

3 bands bij KOFA vanavond . ONKT. . ... is a Alkmaar based 5 piece formation that plays Djent. ONKT formed in 2006 with 5 members of whom only the vocalist and drummer are the original founders. ONKT since then had to search for motivated people and really work to understand the thrive to make this difficult form of metal really work. Their music transcends “metal” due to the polyrhythmic build up of their music, with the use of profound low tuned guitars and layering of different rhythm and use of samples they manage to keep a nice head banging groove whilst the music keeps you anticipating the next brutal breakdown. Since 2006 ONKT has grown from an idea in the studio to what is now an international touring band. In 2017 ONKT played with bands like Creative Waste (Saudi Arabia), Scordatura (U.K.), Foetal Juice (U.K.) and Desolation (Serbia) the last band being the guys who supported ONKT in their Balkan Summer tour of 2017.
Since 2009 ONKT released 3 albums and 2 official video clips. EQUILIBRIUM is the last album to date and lets the growing audience experience the transformation from a band to this machine called ONKT. The influence of Bands like Meshuggah and Gojira are definitely present in their effort to search for ONKT’s own sound. All booking, recordings, video’s and merchandise is done by the members of ONKT themselves to be 100 % independent. A unique Djent sound to keep you puzzled why this live machine sounds technical, tight and groovy all at the same time. ONKT keeps you coming back for more. General contact: Bookings: [email protected] Man as Plague. .

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