Calm and connection: Mindfulness workshop - quieting the mind and igniting the spirit at this dark time of the year

CityThe Hague
ProvincieZuid-Holland (ZH)

Whether you are new to mindfulness or want to renew your commitment, this is an ideal opportunity to set some intentions to for calm and clarity. Fill stillness, light and nurture in a cosy setting even at this dark and busy time of year. Join me in a safe and welcoming space in The Hague (Tram 9 stop right outside) for a gentle journey through some core mindfulness meditations and reflective practices as we explore what mindfulness can mean for you. Let me guide you as we open to the breadth and depth of a full moment-to-moment experience. Bring an open-mind, a notebook and a intention to create calm and there is a every chance you will leave with:  - a deep sense of peace to keep you centred as we enter the festive season  - practical tips on easy ways to bring more mindful moments into your daily life - a sense of light and ease to journey through these darker winter days 35 Euros inc BTW Note: Early bird and student discount 10% available Contact me: [email protected] 0624859763

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