Communication & Presentation Training (1.5 days)

ProvincieNoord-Holland (NH)

This is an all-round 1.5-days training for those who want to learn (or refresh) the art of effective communication and impactful presentation. Attendees receive a step-by-step recipe for being able to communicate and present expressively and with passion - an ability which distinguishes run-of-the-mill leaders from truly effective ones.   This danibu training is a top-rated must-attend for (novice or seasoned) managers, leaders, team members or entrepreneurs tasked with informing, motivating, bringing about change, presenting or in need of picture-perfect narratives that own the room. The training covers 7 key aspects of the fundamental communication and presentation skill set, providing inspiration and education through a patented 7-step learning method for personal and professional growth:  1.
Strategic Communication thinking 2. Stakeholder engagement and audience interaction 3. Messaging and storytelling techniques 4. Presentation creation and slide design 5. On-stage presence (posture, voice and dress) 6. Rehearsal routines 7. Communicating and presenting across cultures The first (0.5) day (Thursday, 14:00 – 18:00 pm) is a dedicated communication session to build participants’ basic communication awareness and improve their personal and corporate communication skills. Day two (Friday) is a full-day presentation session (09:00 am – 17:00 pm), which builds on the learnings from day one. Attendees will acquire narrative skills, visual thinking and increased awareness about body language, wardrobe, tone of voice and rehearsal techniques. They will also be introduced to the ‘techie stuff’ (slide creation, story flow and stand out moments).
Participants will also get the opportunity to practice their 60-second elevator pitch on- and off camera. They’ll be filmed performing it and receive immediate feedback. Contact [email protected] more information or registration.

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