DDW19: If not HERE then WHERE?

ProvincieNoord-Brabant (NB)

IF NOT HERE, THEN WHERE?ProduceWhere you work affects what you make. And also, how you make it. Some might get better ideas in one place than in another. Or become more productive.There is also a practical relationship between workplace and result. You can only make large installations under a high ceiling. Graphic work requires good light. Also, the availability of materials is not the same everywhere.What is the role of location and environment in the work of designers? What influence do these factors have on the maker? And how does it reflect on their work?PresentThis Dutch Design Week, more than 20 designers from all over the Netherlands will show their latest work and ideas in PLAN-B. With extra attention for the location where it is made.For this occasion, the 4th floor of PLAN-B is opened for creative entrepreneurs.
PLAN–B is the place to be for those nine days.If not here, then where?Product design, social design, graphic design and more. Under the curatorship of Kiki van Eijk. With work by Ward Wijnant, Ivi van Keulen, Studio Lenneke Wispelwey, Floris Hovers, Cor Unum, Erik Stehmann, Lucas & Lucas, Studio Mieke Lucia and many more. PLAN-B is open every day (free entrance) during Dutch Design Week (19- 27 oct) from 11AM and easily accessible by public transport. Every 5 minutes a bus departs from Eindhoven CS (this bus also passes Strijp-S) to PLAN-B. Take the 401, 402 or 403 to bus stop Hurksestraat.

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