Fast Forward Insights '19

ProvincieNoord-Holland (NH)

We are living transformational times and changes are being pushed by rapidly advanced technology and IT developments, raising a lot of questions about the future of your business. We have all been inspired by the WebSummit, The Next Web, Singularity University, TEDx, Disrupt, SXSW, Slush and many different start ups with disrupting business models, but how do we implement this and bring this inspiration to practice? Welcome to Fast Forward Insights, the annual unconference to set your own digital innovation agenda. By now you will understand that changes will come at an exponential pace. Some of you probably have tested VR, 3D Printing and you did your first Blockchain pilots.  However, do you still know what your aim and purpose is these days and who you can get in a desired future setting?  ProgramFast Forward Insights ’19 will provide you with the answers, will connect you to the people you need and will help you in creating the solutions for the questions and problems that keeps you awake at night.  How? You will set the agenda along with all the other participants.
Specialists, visionairs, peers and companies formerly known as your competitors will help you to set your agenda and sketch your solution. 01-10 is more than just a nice binary date, it is the best gathering of innovative minds in search of co-creation, solutions and co-innovation roadmaps Only 100 tickets for sale - 'First come, first served' basis.The rest is on 'Invitation Only' basis. Participation of this exclusive event is almost only on invitation only basis. But we don't want to exclude people who really think they should be part of FFWD Insights '19. That is why we decided to sell 100 tickets, so don't miss out. More info:  

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