Ground Zero on repeat

AdresNieuwstraat 18
naarCentrum voor Labiele Media
ProvincieZuid-Holland (ZH)

. . . Ground Zero. . . Within the city of Dordrecht there's a kind of secretive place that lies just below streetlevel. We call it the Bunker and it's our Rave cave... It is really a cool place where you can completely let go of all your daily worries and problems and dance yourself into trance. This is a save place, a place where you can be totally you and where the only “violent” act will be the pounding of the bass. We love to party and celebrate life, we love to bring you joy, music and happiness. We use bombs of sound to paralize your mind, tickle your soul and blow you up into a state of ecstatic bliss. At Ground Zero we are all lovers, so when you come to party with us, just open your mind, open your heart, bring out your smiley and dance, dance, dance. DJ’s: ...........
(Guest) Doktψr (Resident) Diana Plays Louder (Resident) Door 22:00 Start 22:30

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