Gurdjieff Movements weekend Haarlem 24 / 25 February

AdresKennemerstraat 11a zwart
naarRuimte de Garage
ProvincieNoord-Holland (NH)

During the weekend of 24 and 25 February, we will teach Gurdjieff Movements and experience their hidden qualities. The Movements are an effective, interesting and beautiful tool for meditation in action. They are designed to bring Presence in the Now by aligning the different energy centers of our Being: physical, emotional and intellectual. As a result Movements bring mindfulness, physical, emotional and mental relaxation and awareness about your Self and Life. You are most welcome to discover the deep silence and beauty of these extraordinary dances. For the Movements no dance or meditation experience is required and it is suitable for all ages. The weekend includes: - The intensive practice of the Movements: positions, transitions, right tonicity, right tempo, and clear vision of space - Place of the Movements within their larger context: the teaching of Gurdjieff - Meditations and inner exercises - Observations and sharing When: Saturday 24 February and Sunday 25 February from 13.30 to 19.00 Program: - Doors open half an hour before the start of the class: please arrive around 13.00.
- It is advised to lunch before the class. Location: DE GARAGE is a light, cozy and open location with a wooden floor. It is only 3 minutes walking distance from the central train station in Haarlem Central. Address: Kennemerstraat 11A zwart, 2021 EA Haarlem. Costs: The cost for attending for the Gurdjieff weekend are 150,- EUR. Early bird price is 120,- EUR and ends on 24 January. For registration or for, further information: Please contact Sebastiaan van Agteren by email: [email protected] What to bring: Please bring comfortable clothes for dancing. Tea, coffee and water is available. Lunch will not be provided. More about the Gurdjieff Movements: The Gurdjieff movements is a series of sacred dances that were collected or authored by G. I. Gurdjieff and taught to his students as part of the work of self-observation and self-study.
Gurdjieff taught that the movements were not merely calisthenics, exercises in concentration, and displays of bodily coordination and aesthetic sensibility: on the contrary, in the movements was embedded real, concrete knowledge, passed from generation to generation of initiates - each posture and gesture representing some cosmic truth that the informed observer could read like a book. Gurdjieff created about 250 Movements or dances, some of them coming from seeing them preformed in Sufi, Tibetan, Buddhist, or esoteric traditions, in Central Asia, Tibet, Egypt, Middle East; some of them created by Gurdjieff himself on a music composed by Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann. A brief glimpse of the dances appears at the very end of the motion picture about Gurdjieff, Meetings with Remarkable Men, produced and directed in 1978 by Peter Brook.
Who: Latif has been practicing the Movements since 2010 with various Gurdjieff teachers in India, France, Spain, Germany, Canada and Corfu. His teaching style can be described as gentle and very suitable for beginners. In his professional life, he works as an English teacher at various schools and Universities. By teaching the Movements, he wants to share his love for the sacred movements with others. Sebastiaan has been practicing the Movements since 2014 in France, Spain, Germany and The Netherlands. He has a deep fascination for dance as a means for spiritual development and for him the best results are achieved by the Movements. In his professional life, he works as a business analyst for a trading company in Amsterdam.

De early bird korting loopt af op 24 januari - wil je bij dit bijzondere weekend Gurdjieff Movements zijn, geef je dan snel op.

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