Hike and Catch: Gotta catch 'em all!

naarNijmegen, Netherlands
ProvincieGelderland (GE)

Have you always considered the city of Nijmegen as your playground, but do you hate it when people look weird at you when you act on it? We’ve got the solution for you: come play hike and catch. With a group of four you will find your way from one point to other points in the city center of our beloved Nimma. It will be awesome, but it won’t be easy. You and your team will be portraying a Pokémon and there will be Pokéhunters on the loose who will be riding around on bikes to hunt you down. So you will be hiding in the craziest places with your group to make sure that the hunters won’t find you. While playing this, you’ll still look weird, but at least you’ll look weird together with your AI peeps. And for the ones that always dreamed of catching Pokémon for a living, yes, you can also register as Pokéhunter.
Hyped yet? Of course you are. So let’s get a little bit deeper into this awesome activity. The aim of this crazy Pokémon themed hike and catch is for a Pokégroup to go to as many checkpoints as possible without getting caught by one of the Pokéhunter duo’s who are trying to catch as many groups as possible. How do the hunters catch the Pokémon? A hunter has to catch at least one of the members of the Pokégroup by tagging the member. If a team gets caught, they have to take a selfie with their temporary new Pokétrainer, the trainer sends his prove-of-conquer-selfies to the designated WhatsApp group. And of course there are points to gain and prizes to win. Want to be a Hiker? Awesome. You can give your preference of max 3 people (the hikergroups are a maximum of 4).
Rather be a pokémonhunter? You will travel in duo's. you can give your preference of max 1 person. Enroll on the website.

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