Minerva Market

AdresGedempte Zuiderdiep 158
naarAcademie Minerva Groningen
ProvincieGroningen (GR)

~ OPEN TO PUBLIC ~ The Minerva Market will take place on the 14th of December. Students from Minerva will be selling a variety of things, such as their art, hand-made crafts, jewelry, clothes, food, among others. Since it is close to Christmas season, it is a good chance for you to buy a nice present for when you go back home to family and friends. Any one is free to come to Academie Minerva and peep through all the wonderful things that students in Minerva are making and selling :) * ~FOR STUDENTS AT MINERVA~ E-mail [email protected] if you want to reserve space for selling or have any other questions. Anyone can set up on the day and at any time during market hours as well, but if you want a specific space, please e-mail in advance and make sure you communicate with other people about space.
*Market times may change, but we will let everyone know before the actual market day.

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