OutSystems and Valuga: Automated Scheduling solution

ProvincieUtrecht (UT)

Do you find yourself wasting your valuable resources, time and money on making the most efficient planning? If you are a company that operates in an environment with many, complex variables such as high volumes, strict deadlines and inconsistent schedules, we have the solution for you. During the event we will give a demo of our Automated Scheduling solution and have interactive breakout sessions with industry leaders from the Agricultural sector to discuss current issues and how our innovative solutions can help solve these issues. In addition, OutSystems will give a presentation on low-code and to not only feed the mind with new ideas and innovations, we will start with lunch and end with some drinks and some bites.
OutSystems and Valuga: Automated Scheduling solution Vianen Utrecht Dinsdag 25 Juni 2019 - Evenement Vianen -

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