PUB QUIZ - Maastricht Goes To Calais

AdresKleine gracht 40-42
naarPeter's Irish Pub
ProvincieLimburg (LI)

Having a beer and lots of fun for a good cause.. doesn't that sound great?? Come by to peter's for the Maastricht goes to Calais pub quiz :D This time is like all the other amazing times before besides that you can contribute to help the refugee camp in Calais. Come by, have fun and a beer with friends and do something good at the same time :) We would love to see you around and maybe you are even interested in getting involved - that would be great. . If you want to know more - reach out to us, drop by at the info evening or meet us at bake sales. <3
PUB QUIZ - Maastricht Goes To Calais Maastricht Peter's Irish Pub van 19 tot 20 Februari 2018 - Evenement Maastricht -

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