REDucation Netherlands - October 2019

ProvincieNoord-Holland (NH)

Offering a fully immersive training environment, REDucation provides the on-set and post-production experience needed to feel confident when shooting with any of RED's professional cameras. This is real-world training taught by industry professionals. REDucation is tailored for all skill levels, from students to working professionals. REDucation instructors teach application knowledge of RED's entire RAW workflow process, from digital acquisition through post production. REDucation - Hands-on training taught by industry professionals COURSE OVERVIEW Day 1 Welcome/Introduction/Videos About RED / Products / Build Demo Camera Builds Firmware Upgrading / Fan Settings Advanced Black Shading GUI – First Level Menus – RED Mag System Exposure & Exposure Dynamics Shooting Exercise #001 (Exposure / Frame Rate / Shutter Angle) Introduction to REDCINE-X / Footage Review Day 2 GUI – Second Level Menus Sensor Technology Compression Settings - How Compression Works - Downsampling 8K for 4K / 4K for 2K ProRes / DNx / HDRX Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF) Shooting Exercise #002 (Compression / HDRX / OLPF) REDCINE-X - Advanced / Footage Review Day 3 Advanced Recoding Modes (Frame Averaging / Summing / Speed Ramping / PreRecord / IPP2) IPP2 / 3D LUTS / CDL’s Shooting Exercise #3 (Advanced Modes / Apply LUTS / IPP2) Workflow (DIT / Offload / Storage / Systems) REDCINE-X - Advanced / Footage Review Footage Review / Stills and Motion Questions & Answers / Questionnaires Throughout this course, all students will get to use the entire range of DSMC2 cameras from RED including Monstro 8K VV, Helium 8K S35 and Gemini 5K S35 Note: This REDucation course start at 9:30 am and end at 5:30 pm for each day.
** If you wish to pay for this course via invoice, then please get in touch with the event organiser who will be able to directly invoice you. The invoice must be paid in full before your place is secured. INSTRUCTOR Steve Johnson - Fututrist Digital Ltd ( This course will be taught in English. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? DPs, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants, DITs, Independent Filmmakers CERTIFICATION You will receive a Certificate of Completion from RED Digital Cinema after completing this course. This comprehensive workshop is designed to give you a strong working knowledge of production tools and practices. The certificate indicates that you have completed the workshop and have experience in the operation of these tools. Completion of a REDucation workshop at Vocas is a valuable resume-building tool for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of production equipment.

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