Shinrin-yoku Forest Walk in Zeist

ProvincieUtrecht (UT)

The Japanese Art of Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing): A real treat for your body and soul A Shinrin-yoku walk is full of ultimate stillness in nature where you can relax, recharge your batteries, improve your moods and concentration, boost your immune system functioning, experience living in the here and now, slow down the stream of habitual thinking, get new insights, get creative and then leave with a big smile on your way back home. You can read more about forest bathing and its benefits here. The Shinrin-yoku walks are being organized under guidance of a professional Shinrin-yoku guide certified by ANFT.  During the Shinrin-yoku forest walk, we’ll dive into the forest and experience living in the here and now. Along the walk in the beautiful forest of Landgoed Heidestein, the participants will be invited to do a few activities.
These help to slow down your pace and the stream of habitual thinking, to pay attention to the sensory perceptions and to re-connect with nature and with ourselves. Between the activities, we’ll gather in a circle where everyone can share their experience. Sharing is not mandatory and everything is welcome.  Location This walk takes place on one of the forest trails of Landgoed Heidestein in Zeist. Meeting point: Parking at the entrance to Landgoed Heidestein, Prinses Margrietlaan 369 in Zeist. What to take & weather It's good to have a rain jacket with you, and being dressed for the weather, having comfortable shoes for easy trails and a water bottle. The min. amount of participants for a guided walk to take place is three persons. Due to weather conditions, we might postpone a walk to another day.
In that case, the guide will contact you before the planned walk, with alternative dates to choose from. Feedback from participants "Forest therapy is a relaxed way of reconnecting with nature and your (deeper) self. It’s a necessity for everyone…especially in these times." "I came to connect with nature and possibly meet nice people. Both happened in abundance." “I felt considerably more peaceful, less physically tense, and I noticed a sharpening and richening of my perceptions. I have noticed that I am thinking less agitatedly. It is a wonderful gift to be able to slow down and connect to nature. We were guided through the activities very gently and clearly, which helped a lot.” "I felt very refreshed and energized after the walk. Much calmer and happier than before." "This was an amazing activity and to me also a way to forget all my daily worries and tasks.
I realized I really need to find more time to relax this way in my daily life."  

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