Stealers, Disturbance and Dog Tired

AdresVisserstraat 14
naarCafe de Speeltuin
ProvincieNoord-Brabant (NB)

Don't mis the battle of the year. . . Stealers vs Disturbance. Question is: Who will win the lollipop. Free entry. Doors open at 21.00 Stealers: 22.00 Disturbance: 23.30 STEALERS Are a rogue mob existing of 4 city boys gone wild. They have been spotted since the summer of 2007. Since then, several attacks on law abiding citizens occurred viciously out of the blue. Their goal: To deafen the land and make people listen to nothing else but Stealers anymore. Their ways: Operating from the dirtiest city around, Rotterdam, they travel to cities everywhere. There they make alliances at venues that actually pay them to show up and perform their outrageous musical mixture of 77 Punk’n’Soul’n’80’sCock’n’Roll. The audience doesn’t even have a clue what is happening to them.
The Mob steals their money, girlfriends, drinks, hearing and what more Strangely and alarming enough, this way they manage to create a growing following supporting their evil ways. Who are Stealers? Rudo – “Teeth Rattling” Guitars Pet – “Ear Tearing” Vocals P.G. Vogeli – “Wall Breaking” Bass Gerben – “Evil Batteria”Drums Future: Since the summer of 2007, these attacks have only grown larger and are appearing.. more and more frequently. Their ever growing following is threatening a nation and it is feared this is spreading around the world as we speak. Can they be stopped? Or more importantly, should they be stopped? I heard them play the other day and they are quite good. I’m sending them some money to help them along the way, just to see what’ll happen.
You should do so too. DISTURBANCE The demolition work of man has been stamped in timeless punk gems by Disturbance for 22 years and counting. Their third full-length “Tox Populi” is a present-day Molotov cocktail of UK77 and 82 street punk with traces of wave and hardcore to boot. For one of the longest running and best-known punk bands from Holland, three albums and a handful of other releases might not seem much, so one might get the poisonous idea Disturbance are a bunch of lazy cunts. Far from it, otherwise they wouldn’t have done a 6.000 mile tour of China, by train, no less. Here’s the real reason for their selective output: these punx despise mediocrity. In a time where quantity seems king, Disturbance refuse to release run-of-the-mill records.
Meanwhile, they keep marching to their own drums, the drums of Jo: the human equivalent of a Stalin’s organ. Bass buff Jozz and guitar fiend Dim sharpen the Disturbance sound, intensified by the toxic vocal discharge of Rob. Lyric-wise they don’t rub politics in your face, but rather make you face reality and question the lipstick-on-a-pig ethics of people enslaved by horseshit. As the world goes to hell in a handbasket, we should hear the Four Horsemen of the Apunkalypse, alias Disturbance. DOG TIRED Dog Tired are an Edinburgh based metal band, born in late 2004 from an unhealthy obsession for riffs. Merging the relentless brutality of Gojira and Entombed with the riff orientated assault of Pantera and Metallica, Dog Tired have created a sound that is both heavy, memorable and their own.
2016 saw the band release their third full length album, 'It Came From the Sun'. Recorded at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh. Mastered by Adam Douche of West West Side, New York and illustrated by Metal Hammer artist ‘American Vendetta’ Christian Sloan Hall, the band have created a more than worthy follow up to 2013's 'Titan'. Both albums are available digitally from Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and the Google Play store as well as in physical format from Big Cartel and at live shows. Some of DT’s touring highlights include sharing the stage with Skindred, Raging Speedhorn, Reign of Fury, Evil Scarecrow and Black Bomb A, as well as playing 2014's Bloodstock Festival.

Check out the new Disturbance album.
Spotify and Bandcamp streams of our new album are available. Spotify: Bandcamp: To order CD or Vinyl: (vinly +cd) (cd) (cd) [email protected] (vinyl + cd) Dutch orders: [email protected]
Leuk nieuws. . Wegen uitvallen van een gig komt "dog tired" uit schotland ff een setje voor ons spelen. . . Hoppa

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