Tune-in Sessions

CityThe Hague
ProvincieZuid-Holland (ZH)

We might be familiar with this scenario .... You are in the middle of doing what you love. Maybe you are caring for someone, you are handling multiple clients or preparing for a workshop. But in the moment or doing your passion project, it feels more like hard, hard work. Sound familiar? What can help you overcome this, you may ask? Or, more positively speaking: what can encourage us to be truly aligned with passion, gratitude and abundance all day? Tuning-in is the act of inverting your attention inward. Listening to your inner voice, and focusing on the inner passions that drive you. Like tuning a guitar, you can learn how to find harmony within yourself. In our Tune-in taster sessions, we will do exactly what the name suggests. Taste different techniques, and play around with them.
These 'tune in' techniques, are aimed at either evoking passion or melting down blocks that get in its way. Each week we will only focus on one of these two aspects. In addition, we balance it out with light meditations and social exercises. In each session, we always work with one, specific passion project in mind. Moreover, you will be encouraged to implement whatever feels close to you in your daily life. Coming back the week after, will help you to upgrade and refine your personal tune in habits.These sessions, tasks regularly, can truly become somewhat or a backbone in your desire for that passion feeling. In other words, they can serve you with a simple gateway to your own passionate energy, regardless of what happens around you. In sum, you will learn how to: etGet into your passion-state, quickly and easily ✨Remove passion blocks in an elegant way ✨Tune in while in a group setting ✨Make your passion project specific ✨Implement right away in your daily life with 'Take home' tools ARE YOU READY?With these Tune in Taster sessions, FloLab has your back when it comes to living your dreams and staying more easily in contact with your passion.
We are starting with weekly Taster sessions, and together, we will fine tune these workshops into serving all our personal desires. Are you in? Tickets are € 10  Or sign up for the full 4-week and get on session FREE.   POSTS

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