Where Politics Fail, Maybe Posters Can Help (Poster Workshop)

AdresHogewal 1-9
CityThe Hague
naarStroom Den Haag
ProvincieZuid-Holland (ZH)

The Community of Practice (COP) team of Stroom Den Haag are running a workshop alongside the current exhibition The Congo Tribunal, an installation of projects based on Milo Rau's film. For the workshop, we invite you to participate in creating posters which reflect on the issues surrounding the Congo War; politics, human rights, and conflict minerals. There will be plenty of guidance and preparation by the host, so please feel comfortable even if you don’t regard yourself as the most crafty type. IMPORTANT: There are limited amount of spots and we would like to keep track of the guest list, so please send us an email to < [email protected] > in order to confirm your spot. COP is an educational program where participants discuss and create new perspectives based on exhibitions at Stroom.
The current team is constituted of three graphic designers: Jungeun Lee, Cato Stigter, Marika Seo, and led by Jana Mol of team Stroom. Stroom is an art center with a wide range of activities and exhibitions from the visual arts to urban environment. Stroom also hosts a program called See You in The Hague, a multifaceted narrative about the ambitions and reality of The Hague as International City of Peace and Justice. The posters will be presented during the last weekend of the exhibition.

Reminder: If you are joining, please send an email to [email protected] :) We need the number of attendants.

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