Workbench: Mobilising people for your mission

AdresHaarlemmerweg 8c
naarImpact Hub Amsterdam
ProvincieNoord-Holland (NH)

Use the power of your network to mobilise people for the mission of your impact business. WHY JOIN: In this workbench, you will learn how you can use your existing network to get the resources you need. Most startups are looking for investors but getting cash is not an easy job. So you will learn how to build a movement around your mission and mobilise people to help you with their skills, stuff or cash for free. This helps you to build your brand community and you can move forward even if you are bootstrapped. WHO IS THIS FOR: This workbench is for the people that have a great start-up or non-profit with a mission but a lack of resources to grow. Whether you just have an idea, an early phase start-up or if you are already at a later stage, if you need resources to move forward you can do so after the workshop.
ABOUT YOUR TRAINER: Michiel de Koning from Heroes & Friends won last year's Nudge Global Impact Award - while being the youngest of the 93 participants - for the impact on sustainable development he and his colleagues at Heroes & Friends achieved. In 1,5 years he gave dozens of workshops throughout the country at universities, municipalities, for groups of impact entrepreneurs and civil society initiatives.

Hi, we are not cancelling the event - just moving it the Facebook calendar of Impact Hub Amsterdam. Here is the new link: Due to Eventbrite's settings for importing events to Facebook, this workbench wasn't visible in our calendar. So we want to fix that.
Thanks for understanding and see you on 5 April.

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