Workshop: Resolving Conflict in Relationships Using Nonviolence: A Gandhian Perspective by Dr Suman Khanna Aggarwal

CityThe Hague
ProvincieZuid-Holland (ZH)

Gandhi Centre and Embassy of India, invites you all to an inspiring workshop by Dr. Suman Khanna Aggarwal, on Resolving Conflict in Relationships Using Nonviolence.  Dr. Suman Khanna Aggarwal obtained her doctoral degree on Gandhian thought in 1978from Delhi University and has since translated her theoretical knowledge into practical action byfounding the Gandhian NGO. She has also extended her understanding of Gandhi’s ideology to herwork as a Peace researcher and Activist.As a Gandhian Scholar, she has lectured extensively and taught courses on Gandhi in NorthAmerica, Europe, Middle East and Asia. She has also won many prestigious awards for hercommunity service of the underprivileged and her promotion of nonviolent conflict resolution.The Workshop aims at deepening our understanding of human nature and cause ofconflict.
It will clarify the reasons for choosing nonviolence to resolve conflict at all levels ofhuman interaction – from the deeply personal to the international. It will focus on the synergybetween Nonviolence and Love. The attempt will be to create public awareness of nonviolence asknowledge critical to human survival. Date - 24th November 2018, Saturday  Time - 14:00- 18:00  Venue - Gandhi Centre 

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