Ben Toscher & Friends // Ila Brainnstasjon

AdresseIlevollen 32 b
ProvinsenSør-Trøndelag (16)

From the electric-light concrete jungle of Los Angeles to the oh so koselig Trondheim comes Ben Toscher, an improvisational poet-comedian creating songs and poems in the moment to make you laugh and feeling inspired. With over a decade of international performance experience in the USA, Canada, Spain, Finland, and the Netherlands, each show is unique, original, new, and created together with you, the audience. Joined by friends on bass, percussion, and other instruments, his show has been described as a "Robin William Shakespeare sandwich." If on February 15th you're free, come on down to Ila B. For a fun, quick video of Ben in action, check out

Hi friends. I look forward to seeing you all at Ila Brainnstasjon.
Come prepared with an open mind, your big heart, your fertile imagination, and your willingness to help co-create a fun evening. As improvisors, we will need suggestions and inspiration from you, the audience, to create a one of a kind show in the moment. What kind of inspiration will we ask for? Well, we might just ask for the name or two of some song titles, which we will then create. As you will see, without you, we can't do what we do.

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