Design Sprint Breakfast - How to run sprints in 2019

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Welcome to Design Sprint Breakfast with Løpe.   Join us this morning and learn about Design Sprint whiile being served breakfast and coffee. Viljar from Løpe will give an introduction to Design Sprint, talk about the 2019 updates to the process and how to follow up after sprints.  In addition, we'll do a workshop where you’ll learn our best trick (Lightning Decision Jam) to create an interest in learning more about the design sprints. This is an exercise you can use with your team to generate ideas and solve problems quickly, without useless discussions.  Program: 8:00 - 8: 30 Breakfast and Coffee 8:30 - 9:15 Talks 9:15 - 10:00 Workshop The workshop is hosted by Løpe - a Digital Product Studio based in Oslo. We use Design Sprints to helps teams bring useful digital products to market faster.
Løpe have trained and facilitated sprints with companies like KPMG, Holte Consulting, Visma Consulting, Devon Consulting, Telenor, Telia, Sparebank 1, DSB and more in using Design Sprints. We also host Design Sprint Bootcamps for those who want to learn more. Our previous Bootcamp was rated 9.1 on average on a scale of 1 to 10. Here's what some of them say:  "Effective and positive introduction to Sprint 2.0 that enables you to use Sprint 2.0 in your own business."- Nils Ihlen, partner Holte Consulting  "Good facilitation and introduction to Design Sprint of Viljar, effective and very useful framework. It will be highly relevant to several of our project cases."- Rita Sivertsen, Devoteam Fornebu Consulting   What is a Design Sprint?A Design Sprint is a step-by-step process your team can use to solve big problems and test new ideas.
It takes the best parts from Design Thinking, Behavioural Science and Business Strategy and put it together in a full iteration cycle. It’s a concrete recipe that allows you to generate and validate ideas in just 4 days. It will help you to cut out the BS and maximize your team’s output. The result is that you will create better products and go to market faster. Companies like Airbnb, Google and Facebook us it extensively and have even made their own internal academies to educate Design Sprint Masters.   Who should attend?- Team leaders and managers- Business Developers- Product managers- Startup founders- Executives- Marketers- Designers- Engineers- Consultants   What background knowledge is expected? -       Nothing  Please note: Registration is mandatory

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